FFf Eclectic Red Barn: Red Barn Project

Red Barn Project

The Red Barn that appears above is my largest inspiration. When we purchased our home several years ago, I knew that the red barn had great potential. The first thing I did was to paint it. Two coats later, and walla!!

Next I decided to add some landscaping around it. I even added the window flower box in front. To create the flower box, I used two boards to make a platform to hold the planter. I painted the boards and mounted them with two L-brackets that I painted red to match the outside of the barn. In front of the flower box I mounted an antique luggage rack from a model T car. The luggage rack is expandable so I was able to widen it to fit; it made the perfect compliment for this flower box.

After I painted the luggage rack, I attached it to the platform boards with the screw components that are part of the luggage rack. These mounts have a long screw with a flat washer attached. The board fits between the flat part of the luggage rack and the top of the flat washer. Then all I had to do was tighten the screws. I spray painted an inexpensive flower box black and placed it on the boards behind the luggage rack. 

antique model T luggage rack flower box
Antique Model T Luggage Flower Box

model T luggage rack side view
Side View of Luggage Rack Flower Box

Now for the inside of the barn. That's another story. When I moved to Florida from Pennsylvania, the barn was a great place to store all of my "extra" things and I had plenty. The barn is 20 feet wide and 27 feet long. It even has a small storage loft and a 10 foot set of doors. Can you believe that it was filled to the brim with "stuff". I must confess that a few things belonged to my husband. :)  I only had a slight path to maneuver around in. Well, I have spent the last two years, sorting, organizing and selling items. My path is much larger now.

However, you can see from the images below, that I have my work cut out for me. Way too much stuff !!!
items inside red barn
Inside Barn Items 1

items inside barn items
Inside Barn Items 2
items inside barn items
Inside Barn items 3

In order to clean out the barn, I have been turning some of the contents into projects: designed and installed a vintage pot rackworked on two mosaic shelves; stripped a corner stand. More to come!

I have many projects yet to complete, so I hope you check back often to see how the Red Barn is being transformed.

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